Bento Box Cake!

I am so excited to share with you, this super adorable Bento style cake. 

 All the products I used are listed below. Click the links to shop now!

fun fact: this entire box was created with 1 box of cake mix, how perfect?!

Packaging - Creative Bag

I personally love Creative Bag packaging and have been shopping with them for MANY years! The staff are so friendly and always ready to help. They also offer many services for your business with your logo on bags and ribbon. My DREAM is to do custom branded ribbon with them one day, it looks SOOO CUTE!

Box: Kraft Bakery Box (10 x 14 x 4in) 


cake boxes


Cupcake Insert: 1 Dozen Cupcake Inserts (10 x 14in)


12 standard cupcakes liner


Cupcake Liners: Paper Cupcake Liners (brown)


brown cupcake liner

Cake Pad: White 6 inch cake pad

I cut down my board to about 5 inches in diameter, and my cake was likely just under that. I wanted to trim my cake down to fit on the board with it being fully decorated, and it had to fit in the box after I was done! 


cake board

Tissue Paper: Sprinkles Tissue Paper

* I lined my tissue with 2 pieces of parchment paper as the tissue is not food safe, so you don't want this to touch your lovely sweets! *


sprinkle tissue

Ribbon: Baked with Love Ribbon (light pink)


baked with love ribbon 


Box Sticker: Shop Local Stickers (thanks pink)


 thank you for shopping local sticker


I used a variety of supplies for the bento box. Comment below if I missed anything you want a link to!!

Colours - Artisan Accents

I have been using Artisan Accents for a number of years now and I am never going back to another brand! Not only are their colours insanely saturated, you only need the core 10 to make any colour you imagine. I was a little hesitant to purchase them upfront, at $100 for the whole line, it was a bit much for my hobby business. But honestly, it's one of the best investments i've made. A little colour goes a LONG way so these will last you forever! 

Shop with my amazing friend Sue at Learn to Cake and grab your set. You will not be disappointed! 

10 core colours + Breakfast Blue

artisan accents colours

 Edible Glitter - Jenna Rae Cakes

This super sparkly Edible Glitter is a must have. Another product where a little goes a long way! There is always a reason to add a little sparkle to your sweet treats and this will be your secret weapon! I have heard amazing things about their Antique Gold colour too, so thats next on my list to share! 

little tip: if you don't already follow Jenna Rae Cakes, you are missing out. They have the most amazing sweets and their cookbook is to die for!

Diamond Dust Edible Glitter

diamond dust edible glitter


Questions?! Comment below!

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